Camino Basic Physiotherapy Treatment Table

SKU: 101841


Camino Treatment Basic (CTB) is the pioneering model of the Camino series, embodying a timeless design predominantly favored by physiotherapists. Its multifunctional design makes it apt for a myriad of applications including consulting room examinations, massage, B-ultrasound, bone setting, spine treatments, and more. The model boasts a pneumatic adjustable head, offering an angle adjustment range of -75° to 40°, making it versatile for leg inspections or as a comfortable headrest.


  • Classic design, ideal for physiotherapy sessions
  • Multi-purpose utility: Suitable for examinations, massages, B-ultrasound, and more
  • Pneumatic adjustable head with a wide angle range for versatile use
  • Sturdy construction ensuring durability and longevity
  • Offers multiple customization options to cater to individual needs
  • 2 years warranty

Specification Details
Length 78"/198cm
Width 22"/56cm, 25"/64cm, 27"/69cm, 29"/74cm
Height 18"/46cm~37"/95cm
Foam Thickness 2.5"/6.4cm
Lifting Capacity 440lbs/ 200kg
Working Weight 600lbs/272kg
Product Weight 136lbs/62kg
Head Angle Adjustment -75°~40°
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