4PC Eyelash Tweezers Kit (Silver)

SKU: 201393 ISBN: 0787446969732
  • 1pc "Eagle Shaped" tip Tweezer & 1pc ST-15 tip Tweezer is perfect for selecting an individual lash or to separate a client's natural lashes in order to isolate one natural lash. 1pc ST-12 shaped tweezer & 1pc 5A-SA shaped tweezer, it is high precision SWISS standard made with smooth edges and a superior matte finish to reduce glare, VERY fine sharp tips for extra fine work, long blades break sharply from body and taper to super fine points.
  • Great for eyelash extension. Easily remove ingrown hairs, splinters, debris, thorns, glass, metal, and anything embedded under the skin, such as fingers, hands, feet, legs, nose, ear hair, and also be used fine groom the eyebrows. suitable for picking, clipping nail art rhinestones, or decoration.
  • The tips of the whole tool are lay flush, close completely. These tweezers can adapt to long-term work. Lightweight so does not cause hand fatigue. Suitable for makeup salon, cosmetics studio, makeup artist, professional use, or personal use.
  • Professional precision tweezers for removing ingrown hair, pulling splinters, and tweezing unruly eyebrow hairs. This high-precision pointed tweezers spread the natural lashes making it easier to separate and isolate the desired lash for application. With Sophisticated fine, they can be adapted to very fine works in the 0.01mm object in a long contact surface.
  • Advanced tweezers are equipped with high-quality metal boxes, which can better protect and store these professional tools, demonstrating the user’s higher professional level. The pointed bent tweezers are the best tools for individual eyelashes extension specialists or precision works.
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