UV LED Manicure Dryer Nail Lamp 48W

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  • GreenLife 39 Bead Automatic Senor LED Nail Dryer DESIGN WITH PIANO-GRADE COATED is with advanced professional designed UV Plus LED dual light source, this is 48W Nail Gel Lamp applicable to curing almost all nail gels! Lamp for Fingernail & Toenail Gels is great choice. The UV Nail Dryer light is closer to white light, has no harm to eyes and skin. Its a fashionable and durable Nail Curing Lamp for both home and salon use.
  • All-Around Curing Gel Polishes - White light UV/LED lamps are distributed scientifically and reasonably according to your fingernails' position in our nail dryer. In this way the light covers a all range of your every fingernail, your gel polishes will show best result. Otherwise uneven heating will generate bubble and influence the color and durability. Besides, this 48W Light Source Technology makes Drying Instantly. So make a curing Manicure Pedicure lamp easy here.
  • Quick Drying and Wide Compatibility: Your average curing time is shortened by 50% with GreenLife. Fast curing with all your favorite nail gel brands from beginner to professional grades. Exact curing time of your nail polishes, bases, top coating and gels can be found on its product packing or user manuals.
  • This nail dryer is perfect, lightweight, small, portable for nail art at home even everywhere. You can enjoy your nail art as salon quality at any time and anywhere instead of going to the nail salon outside and paying the expensive cost every time. 

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