Goodwill Flat SPA Electric Massage Table

SKU: 101871


The Goodwill electric massage table is a versatile piece of equipment, suitable for a wide range of applications from acupressure, beauty treatments, physiotherapy, to massages. As lifestyles evolve and the demand for relaxation and self-care grows, many seek places like foot baths, beauty salons, physiotherapy hospitals, and baths to unwind. With its steel structure, which offers a lightweight and flexible design. Its adaptability allows for customization to meet specific market demands and individual customer needs.


  • Versatility: Suitable for use in foot baths, beauty salons, physiotherapy hospitals, baths, and more.

  • Customizable: Offers strong adaptability with the option to customize various functional modules.

  • Quality Materials: Features a multi-layered foam system for optimal comfort, with a top layer of PU leather that can be easily removed and replaced.

  • Accessories: Comes standard with a hand controller and paper roll holder. Optional accessories include a stainless steel foot pedal system, face pillow, and face pillow holder.

  • Warranty: 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.



Specification Measurements 
Length 75.6"
Width Options 31" or 33.5"
Height Range 22" to 41.7"
Foam Thickness 7.5" (Comprising 3.2" multi-layered hard foam, 2.75" breath wave, and 1.6" silk foam)
Weight Capacity


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